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How To Achieve A Straighter Smile: The Best Methods


We’d all love a more attractive smile – and for some of us, that comes down to the positioning of our teeth. Whether it’s gaps, crookedness or issues with your bite, our trained and qualified dentists in Stafford can help you achieve a straighter smile that fills you with confidence. Read on to find out how.


What treatments do you offer for a straighter smile in Stafford?

Here in Stafford, we offer Invisalign braces – a leading teeth-straightening treatment that’s taken the world by storm. Invisalign has helped millions of people achieve healthy and happy smiles, including famous names like Tom Cruise and Billie Eilish.


How does Invisalign work?

Assuming Invisalign treatment is suitable for your smile, you’ll have special scans, using an iTero Scanner, taken of your teeth, which are then used to create a 3D digital image. A computer then plots the tiny movements you’ll need to encourage your teeth into the right positions for that uniform straight smile. Finally, your aligners – clear plastic trays that fit onto your teeth – are created. These correspond to those micro-movements. Effectively, Invisalign breaks your treatment down into small, manageable steps where you’ll see the difference in real-time.Is Invisalign Right For You? - Stafford Dental Practice

How reliable is Invisalign?

It’s highly successful, with around 5 million happy smiles created around the world. Invisalign also offers a ‘refinement’ period at the end of treatment if needed, to get that perfect result. And, like with most types of brace, retainers are essential in keeping your new smile straight afterwards.

How much does achieving a straighter smile with Invisalign cost?

We’d never share a blanket cost for treatment, as it does depend on what each person needs. The longer the treatment, the more aligners they’ll need – and the greater the cost. But, to get an idea of starting prices, you can take a look at our prices in Stafford.


How long will my Invisalign treatment take at Stella Dental?

Invisalign braces take at least 6 months, but more realistically, 12-24 months for a straighter smile. Again, it depends on the smile – so for a clearer idea of how your treatment might pan out, why not call our friendly Stafford team?


What’s my next step to get a straighter smile?

We’d advise anyone interested in Invisalign braces to book a consultation at our Stafford-based dental practice. We don’t use any pressure or sales tactics, but instead give open and honest advice about which treatments we think would benefit you – and which won’t! In many cases, Invisalign braces can have huge benefits beyond straightening your teeth – like improving your oral health through better spacing so food doesn’t get trapped as easily, or preventing tooth wear from misaligned teeth. To find out more, speak to us now.


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