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What is facial aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics is an umbrella term that refers to cosmetic treatments which effectively address key skin concerns. Facial aesthetic treatments include anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which are both used to combat signs of ageing, as well as appearance boosters, such as Sunshine shots and Biotin shots. Facial aesthetics are:

  • Non-invasive
  • Minimal pain
  • Minimal downtime
  • Effective, natural-looking results

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, reduce the symptoms of hyperhidrosis, or give lacklustre, tired-looking skin, hair, or nails a boost, we can help. Book a consultation via our online form today.

Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite

Why Choose Us

We offer a range of premium facial aesthetic treatments, delivered with a light touch by an experienced practitioner for natural-looking results. Our treatments are effective at removing wrinkles and fine lines, lifting sagging skin, restoring volume to thinning skin, and giving your complexion a refreshed and radiant glow. In addition to that we pride ourselves on our first class customer care and aftercare.

Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite


Book a facial aesthetics consultation with us and start your skin rejuvenation journey today.

  • Safe, non-invasive, FDA approved treatments
  • Lift sagging skin and restore lost skin volume
  • Remove wrinkles and fine lines
  • Turn back the clock on facial signs of ageing
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
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Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
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We’ll assess your skin and perform a facial analysis in order to advise you on which facial aesthetics treatments might benefit you.

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We’ll welcome you, make you feel comfort, and then our highly experienced practitioner will administer your arranged injectable treatment exactly as discussed during your consultation.

Step 3

Facial aesthetics aftercare

We provide an exceptional quality of aftercare service, not only to help you remain safe and healthy, but also to ensure you achieve optimal results from your treatment.

Your facial aesthetics questions answered


Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite


Anti-wrinkle injections safely remove wrinkles and fine lines from the forehead, between the eyebrows, and they also reduce crows feet. They contain Botox and work by temporarily halting targeted, upper facial muscles from contracting. This action removes forehead and frown lines, giving you a younger, more rested look. The results will be seen 2-3 days after treatment, and will continue to improve for another 10-12 days, until you reach peak results. Your new look should last for 3-4 months.


Yes. When injected into key sweat-producing muscles, the Botox in anti-wrinkle injections stops these muscles from contracting, and consequently, sweat from being produced. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes sufferers to sweat excessively, even when they’re not moving, or hot. Botox can provide much-needed relief for 3-4 months, until the results begin to wear off. At this point you can simply book a top-up treatment.


Dermal fillers combat skin laxity; providing sagging skin with a natural-looking lift. They can also remove wrinkles on the mid and lower face, and subtly resculpt facial features. This treatment is ideal if you’re looking to remove nasolabial lines (which run from the nose to the lips), or marionette lines (that run from the lips to the chin). Fillers can give you a more defined jawline, reduce the visual impact of imperfections on the nose, chin, or neck, and they can restore lost skin volume around the temples, and under the eyes.

As they contain hyaluronic acid, a water-attracting substance that is naturally in your body anyway, they are very safe. You’ll see the results of dermal filler treatment immediately, and they should remain in place for 6-12 months.

If you’re not sure whether Botox or fillers is the best treatment for you, please book a consultation with us. Our experienced practitioners will be able to explain in detail how each of our facial aesthetic treatments work, and which might be the best option for you based on the look you’d like to achieve.


Lip fillers are very safe, and work in the same way as dermal fillers. They have been approved by the FDA for a number of years and they will be administered by our highly trained and very experienced practitioner. Here at our Stafford clinic, we use a light touch to achieve natural-looking, predictable results. When you have lip filler treatment with us you should achieve the lip volume and lip proportions you discussed during your consultation.


If you’re looking to address ageing skin, or cure hyperhidrosis, you‘ll probably need either Botox, or dermal fillers. If you’re looking to nourish, and replenish skin, hair, or nails, then it’s likely you need some of our Sunshine shots (Vitamin D and B12), or Biotin shots (for hair and nails). We’ll be able to advise you on which treatment will give your appearance the best boost when you visit us for your consultation.

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    Facial aesthetics options

    The most common question we get asked is ‘which treatment should I have?’. We don’t expect you to know. Everyone’s skin ages in a different way, and there is no off-the-peg facial aesthetics advice that can give you the information you want without an individual skin assessment from our skincare expert.

    When you visit us for your consultation, we’ll look at your skin appearance, your medical history, and your concerns. We’ll seek to discover what is causing the imbalance in skin tone or texture, with a view to offering you the most appropriate treatment. Then, we’ll discuss with you how it works, how you’ll look afterwards, how soon you’ll see the results, and of course, we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have too. Subtle improvements to your appearance can give your self-esteem a huge boost. Get in touch to find out more.

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