Dental plans in Stafford

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Stella Lite Plan

£9.95 per month

  • 1x check up per year
  • 1x hygiene per year

Stella Premium Plan

£15.95 per month

  • 2x check up per year
  • 2x hygiene per year
  • 10% off various signature treatments

Stella Deluxe Plan

£21.95 per month

  • 2x check up per year
  • 4x hygiene per year
  • 10% off various signature treatments
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Oral health is about so much more than the cosmetic appearance of your smile, though we understand that is also important to our clients. In preventing the build-up of plaque, you prevent the accumulation of bacteria and the action of acids that destroy tooth enamel and lead to gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can result in tooth loss, and in recent years has been linked to serious health conditions such as kidney and heart disease. Good oral health is understood today as one of the fundamental pillars of good overall health and the prevention of disease in the future.


Your dentist or hygienist will recommend a suitable interval between appointments based on your current oral health. Clients with a high build-up of calculus tend to visit the hygienist every 3 months, as do those wearing Invisalign braces, as good oral hygiene is highly important during Invisalign treatment. Clients with lower levels of calculus build-up usually visit the hygienist every 6 months.

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Invisalign is the leading removable brace, offering discreet and comfortable care to adults and teenagers. It can create everything from a subtle cosmetic enhancement to a corrective treatment that tackles dental concerns like bite alignment. Dr Dash is our Invisalign Dentist and will manage your case from consultation to spectacular results.


You apply the Enlighten whitening gel to your custom trays, which are worn every night for 2 weeks so the formula can penetrate the teeth and brighten them from the inside out. The in-house booster session completes the process, delivering the B1 shade Enlighten is celebrated for.


  • Enhances the shape of your teeth
  • Restores the shape of chipped or worn teeth
  • No drilling is necessary
  • No need for anaesthetic
  • Most cases are completed in a single appointment
  • Hides discolouration
  • Colour-matched to your existing teeth
  • Customisable treatment options for different outcomes