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What are Endodontics?

Severe toothache can temporarily hijack your life. Endodontists are dentists who specialise in the repair of tissues inside the tooth (the pulp) and the root. They diagnose and treat complex causes of tooth pain, such as an abscess (infection within the tooth), and often perform root canal treatments to relieve pain while preserving your natural tooth.

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Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite

Why Choose Us

At Stella Dental, our Endodontic specialists have a much higher success rate than standard dentists, due to their level of practice and expertise. This means treatment can be carried out, saving the tooth and stopping any pain before crowning the tooth (if necessary) with a natural-looking restoration, restoring both appearance and function.

Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite

Tooth pain

Tooth pain stems from infection or damage to the nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues (known collectively as ‘pulp’) deep inside each tooth, including the root. Tooth decay, which is often due to poor oral health or a cracked tooth, can lead to pulpitis, when the pulp becomes infected, creating an abscess. Abscesses can cause terrible toothache and can lead to potentially serious health problems that require urgent medical attention. Endodontists perform root canal treatments far more often than other dentists, removing diseased, injured, inflamed, or infected pulp tissue to relieve tooth pain, eliminating bacteria that could cause further damage while preserving the structure and function of your tooth.

Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite


Book treatment for root canal in Stafford with our expert dentists and combat pain and infection.

  • Treat infections and abscesses in pulp and root tissues
  • Relieve pain from toothache
  • Help preserve your natural tooth
  • Restore the appearance and function of the tooth
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Getting started

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Step by step

Step 1

Full endodontics assessment

During the first appointment, you will come to the clinic where a full clinical assessment will be carried out to assess the damaged tooth and ensure it is right for endodontic treatment.

Step 2

Your Treatment Plan

If we determine the tooth is saveable, we will create a custom treatment plan, scheduling the appointments needed to successfully carry out the treatment.

Step 3

Your Treatment

We remove the root of the tooth and book an appointment with one of our cosmetic and restorative dentists, to assess whether a crown is needed to protect the treated tooth and improve its cosmetic appearance.



Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite


Book an appointment with us to evaluate tooth pain that lingers or gets worse. Delays can lead to increased damage, which might decrease the chances of being able to save your natural tooth.

Contact us if you are experiencing:

  • Tooth pain that won’t go away
  • Unexplained pain in your mouth or jaw
  • Teeth that have suddenly become sensitive
  • Inflammation around your teeth or gums

If an abscess is left untreated, it can pose a serious threat to your health.

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Endodontists have specialised training to diagnose complex causes of tooth and oral pain. They might assess your symptoms by performing one or more tests:

  • Dental X-rays capture the structure of your tooth
  • Hot or cold swabs test your tooth’s sensitivity
  • Tapping on your teeth can reveal how far inflammation has spread


First of all, you are given local anaesthesia to numb the inside of your mouth before the endodontist uses a microscope and precise tools to repair tissues inside the tooth. Your endodontist will:

  • Place a dental dam to isolate the affected tooth
  • Access the pulp tissue in the affected tooth
  • Remove damaged, infected, or diseased pulp tissue
  • Clean and disinfect the area inside a tooth, removing all decay
  • Fill and seal the tooth


Root canals have a reputation for being painful but in reality, having a root canal is comparable to having a filling. Modern dentistry relies on sophisticated technology and pain management, and most of our clients tell us they are impressed by how quick and pain free treatment is.


Many people continue with their day without taking any clinical downtime, though we advise caution around eating until the numbness has worn off, to avoid burning your mouth. The tissues around your treated tooth might feel sensitive following treatment, but this should resolve over the course of several days.


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