Single Dental Implants in Stafford

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What are single dental implants?

A single-dental implant is a replica tooth on a titanium screw which is fixed directly into the jawbone. A missing tooth is more than a cosmetic issue. Your jawbone’s strength is dependent on its interaction with your teeth, and a missing tooth can lead to bone loss, weakening the shape and function of the jaw.

At Stella Dental in Stafford, dental implants can restore bite function, your smile, and confidence. Contact our amazing dental implant specialist today and learn how single dental implants can transform your smile and life.

Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite

Why Choose Us

At Stella Dental, we offer our clients the best treatments available, and implants are the gold standard of dental restorations. Single dental implants in Stafford form a strong bond with your jaw, similar to a natural tooth, and if looked after properly can last for decades or even a lifetime. We restore and protect your smile by offering single dental implants for incisors and molars.

Are you tired of hiding your smile due to missing teeth? Do you want a long-lasting solution that will restore your smile and confidence? Dental implants in Stafford may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Book a consultation with our dental experts and restore your smile today!

Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite

Benefits of Single Dental Implants

Book a tooth implant consultation in Stafford with our skilled implantologists.

  • A permanent solution for one missing tooth
  • Talk, eat, smile and more with renewed confidence
  • Realistic appearance colour-matched to your smile
  • Strong, durable and long-lasting
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Getting started

Start Your Single Dental Implants Journey in Stafford

Book your free consultation today or call 01785 213733 and take the first step towards transforming your smile with single dental implants.

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Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Your Dental Implant Journey in Stafford

Step by step

Step 1

Book Free Consultation

(Worth £150)

Contact our friendly Stafford dental team to book a private one-to-one to discuss your suitability and discover how single dental implants can benefit you.

Step 2

Single Dental Implants Assessment

Meet highly experienced implant dentists to discuss how you wish to improve your smile and what a single tooth implant can do to help.

Step 3

Treatment Planning

X-rays and a CT scan will be taken to form the basis of your unique, tailored implant treatment plan.

Step 4

Treatment Begins

Our Stafford dentists draw up a schedule to get your dental implant treatment underway as soon as possible.



Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite


While other restorations might restore function and can look almost as natural as an implant, a dental implant has several unique benefits, including:

  • Lasts for decades or even a lifetime
  • Avoids damaging the surrounding, healthy teeth
  • Maintains the health, bone density, and strength of your jaw
  • Replicates the aesthetic appearance of a real tooth
  • Forms a bond with your jaw as strong as your natural teeth


Made from titanium, dental implants are solid, highly durable, and fuse directly with your jawbone. Once placed, the bone ossifies around the implant, further strengthening the bond. Without question, dental implants are the longest-lasting, most natural-looking and most durable dental restoration on the market today.


Along with greater durability and protecting your jaw, dental implants have an important added advantage over bridges – that they won’t harm your surrounding teeth. A dental bridge is anchored to the teeth on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth, causing inevitable damage to the enamel. A dental implant is anchored to the jawbone and is not attached in any way to other teeth.


The surgery required to place the implant is minor and is carried out using local anaesthetic. Any post-surgical discomfort should also be minimal and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relief.


If you have sufficient volume in the jawbone, you are highly likely to be suitable for a dental implant. Our implant specialist will examine your mouth and jaw, consult your medical history, and take X-rays and a CT scan to ensure a dental implant would be right for you.


The area of gum around your implant will be tender after surgery. To protect it during the healing process, and to ensure your implant forms the strongest bond with your jaw, you will need to eat a carefully curated diet, which will initially consist of soft, protein-rich foods such as yoghurts and smoothies. As time goes on and the healing process continues, you will be able to return to your normal diet. We will give you dietary instructions for each stage of recovery during your consultation.


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