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A filling is the first port of call in the treatment of tooth decay, catching and treating it early and saving the structure of the tooth. At Stella Dental, we offer the full range of tooth-coloured fillings, giving our clients a choice of material and budget. Tooth-coloured fillings are a great way to treat decay while maintaining the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

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Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite

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At Stella Dental, our expert clinicians deliver the best treatments with outstanding care, and every one of our clients is treated like a VIP. From the moment you enter our lounge reception area, you can be assured of a warm welcome, comfort, a complementary beverage, and an end-to-end experience that will make your visit to the dentists a highlight of your week.

Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite


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  • Restore your tooth and strengthen its structure
  • Closely match the shade of your natural smile
  • More durable and stable than metal fillings with heat and cold
  • Less tooth preparation needed
Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite
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Step by step

Step 1

Tooth Fillings Assessment

First, we’ll examine your smile and discuss which treatment options suit you and your teeth.

Step 2

Tooth Fillings Treatment

Next, we’ll place your tooth-coloured filling to create a modern restoration.

Step 3

Tooth Fillings Aftercare

Finally, we’ll advise you on how to care for your new filling for the future.

Your fillings questions answered


Dental Practice Stafford | Dentist | Stella Dental Suite


At Stella Dental, we offer all three types of white filling – porcelain, composite, and glass ionomer. Glass ionomer fillers are only used as a temporary measure before a full filling is applied, or beneath one of the other fillings for added structure.


Ceramic fillings are made of stain-resistant porcelain, which retains its colour for longer than composites. Ceramic fillings are lab-made and longer lasting than composite fillings, but also more expensive as a result. Composites are a great choice if you want to conceal the fact you have a filling as they are designed to exactly match the colour of your natural teeth. Ceramic fillings require more than one dental appointment, whereas a composite filling can be placed in a single day.


The most durable of the two options is ceramic fillings, lasting 10 – 15 years. Composite fillings last for around 5 years.


When tooth-coloured fillings were first invented they had a reputation for being fragile. Still, over the past 40 years, significant advancements in dental technology mean that modern white fillings can be just as strong as metal fillings.


  • Brush with a soft toothbrush and floss daily
  • Do not use alcohol-based mouthwashes
  • Avoid harsh toothpaste
  • Lower your intake of staining agents such as red wine and tobacco
  • Visit Stella Dental for regular check-ups

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