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Invisalign: How Long Does It Take?


Invisalign is one of our favourite dental treatments. And there’s no surprise – it can transform your teeth, giving you a uniform smile while correcting issues like crowding, overbite and poor oral hygiene.

At Stella Dental, your Stafford dental practice, our team of expert dentists has carried out countless Invisalign braces transformations. And we’d love to do the same for you. So, if you’re still on the fence, weighing up your decision or simply trying to find out more, read on – this blog is for you.


What is Invisalign?

It’s a clear, removable brace treatment for teens and adults. It works through a series of plastic trays that straighten teeth little by little. These trays are made from comfortable and clear acrylic, and it’s all done by computer to ensure your treatment stays on track.


How does the scanner work?

We use an iTero Scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth. The computer software then shows the repositioning needed to achieve your desired smile and makes the aligners according to these movements. Invisalign can even show you your expected result.


How long does Invisalign take?

The scans and software are covered early on in your treatment so that the aligners can be made and you can get wearing them quickly. You’ll also need a consultation to check the treatment is suitable for your needs. Once this is all out of the way, the real journey begins. Anticipated treatment time varies, from 6 months or so to around 24 months. It depends on the individual case.

Invisalign Prices - Stafford Dental Practice

Why should I choose Stella Dental for Invisalign?

Our team is second to none and highly experienced in delivering safe and effective treatments, including Invisalign braces. We also offer regular check-ups to keep on top of your treatment and ensure you’re happy and comfortable at every step of the way.


What happens after Invisalign treatment?

Anyone who wears Invisalign braces will want the best end result – especially if they’ve had a long treatment time. That’s why a refinement period is often offered, to get that perfect finish. We can also arrange for other treatments here in Stafford to elevate your results further, like teeth whitening.


What else do I need to know?

If you’re still deciding, why not read our patient reviews to see what real people say about Invisalign and their experiences at our Stafford dental practice?

Or, book a consultation and discover it for yourself. Get in touch today with our Stafford team or book online!