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Tooth Implants: Everything You Need To Know


Have a question about dental implants? Want to know more about these clever false teeth? Considering treatment – or already taken steps to get your own tooth implants fitted? Then read this blog post, covering everything you’ll want to know about dental implants, the permanently implanted false teeth.


Appearance of Tooth Implants

Many of our patients here in Stafford ask: “What do tooth implants look like?”. They’re surprised to hear the answer – that these are realistic false teeth that are almost imperceptible from the real thing. In fact, your natural smile’s colour can be closely matched, and we create the perfect fit for the gap.

Different types of dental implants infographic Single dental implants - a permanent replacement for a single missing tooth Dental bridges - used either side of a gap to anchor a replacement tooth Multiple dental implants - used to replace multiple missing teeth Dentures - removable false teeth that fit snuggly over your gums Stella Dental - Stafford Dental PracticeDurability of Tooth Implants

Because tooth implants are surgically implanted (through a minimally invasive procedure), they provide a strong foundation for the tooth and can last a lifetime with a high standard of oral care and routine dental check-ups. Crafted from metal and porcelain, which are high-quality and durable materials that will stand the test of time.


The Success Rate of Tooth Implants

Tooth implants have a very high success rate – surprisingly so. In fact, somewhere between 90-95% of cases are successful. In other words, you can count on them to do the job and join thousands of other patients both in Stafford and around the world, who have also undergone this popular and safe procedure.


As tooth implants require minimally invasive surgery, you might expect to be off your feet for a period of time. In most cases, people are able to resume their daily activities whilst we fit a temporary crown as everything heals. Your new custom-made crown is then placed when the tooth has fused with the bone and tissue in your mouth for that perfect finishing touch.



When considering (or undergoing) any kind of treatment, it’s important to check out patient reviews. After all, that’s where you’ll get the best sense of what’s involved, any recovery needed, pros and cons, risks and drawbacks, and generally more information about a treatment. Our patient reviews are a great starting point, highlighting why our Stafford team makes the ideal choice for dental implant treatment.


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