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What is The Cost of Dental Implants?


There are many reasons you can have missing teeth, from gum disease and recession to accident or even illness. But at our Stafford dental practice, we focus on the future – restoring your smile and your confidence, with advice for caring for your dental implants in the long term.


A life-changing treatment

Dental implants have revolutionised the way we treat tooth loss. You can now replace one, several or all teeth with a permanent solution that’s implanted into your gum tissue and underlying jaw bone, giving a solid and strong foundation for biting, chewing and smiling. Those who choose to have tooth implants can enjoy any diet they wish – and no more hiding their smile.

Dental implants structure infographic Restoration - replaces the visible tooth structure Abutment - protrudes from gums for restoration attachment Titanium post - surgically implanted into jawbone - Stella Dental, Stafford

Costs and other concerns of dental implants

Many patients ask us about the cost of dental implants. And it’s an important concern to have. Treatment for dental implants can be expensive, depending on how many teeth you’re replacing, but it’s crucial to remember that this is a permanent solution for tooth loss. Provided you follow our aftercare instructions correctly, you can expect a lifetime of happy smiles. In addition, “you get what you pay for”. This is a highly specialist treatment that involves minor surgery, so you can rest assured you’re in capable hands with our team.


Risks and benefits of dental implants

Of course, it’s common to want to know about what risks are involved – and that goes for any treatment. With dental implants, it’s possible the body will “reject” the implant. But somewhere in the region of 95% of cases are a success, so this doesn’t happen often. However, some patients may need additional surgeries (such as tissue grafting) before having a tooth implant placed, and that can also come with some risks.

For benefits, these can include the following:

✅ Confidence to smile, bite, chew and laugh as before

✓ No dietary restrictions necessary

✅ Anti-ageing benefits, where tooth loss causes a sunken appearance

✓ Permanent solution for tooth loss

✅ Easy to care for – just brush, floss and attend check-ups in Stafford


Booking your treatment for dental implants 

In Stafford, there are several parts to the process of dental implants. The first is a consultation, where our team will thoroughly assess your mouth, teeth and gums and determine whether the treatment is viable. Next is the placement of the implants – which we do in two parts, root then the crown. Finally, there’s aftercare. We’ll explain how to look after your smile to keep the implant secure and safe.

To take the next step, contact us today at Stella Dental Suite in Stafford or book online today!