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The Truth About Dental Implants


If you’ve heard about dental implants before, you might have some idea of what they are, how they look and what they can do for your smile. But you might have also heard some myths and misconceptions – which can cause a real barrier to treatment. Today, our dentists in Stafford are here to set the record straight. Learn the truth about dental implants in today’s post.


❌ Myth: Dental Implants Treatment is invasive

Dental implants are inserted under a local anaesthetic as a minor surgical procedure. They require a small incision and hole to be made before the root of the tooth implant is inserted. A temporary crown is then worn while healing takes place, with the permanent porcelain crown fitted afterwards. This process preserves the surrounding teeth and bone structure while providing unmatched stability and functionality.

Furthermore, advancements in implant technology have streamlined the procedure, reducing discomfort and recovery time for patients. With their natural look, feel, and function, dental implants offer a seamless solution for tooth replacement without the invasiveness associated with other treatments.


✅ Truth: Tooth implants last a lifetime

One of the things our patients love about tooth implants is how durable they are – acting just like a natural tooth, and firmly implanted into the tissues and structure of the mouth to provide a solid foundation for biting, chewing and eating. With a good standard of oral health, you can expect them to last a lifetime.

This bond ensures stability and resilience against daily wear and tear, allowing implants to withstand the pressures of chewing and biting without compromising their integrity. Unlike other alternatives like bridges or dentures, which may require periodic adjustments or replacements, dental implants boast longevity.


❌ Myth: Tooth implants need extra care

While we’re on oral health, we want to put this myth to bed: tooth implants don’t need any special ‘treatment’ to care for them, but can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. They’re so easy to look after, that it’s no wonder they make such a popular choice for tooth replacement.


Truth: Dental implants look like natural teeth

This is a crucial reason why our patients choose dental implant treatment – they look just like the real thing. We can colour-match your dental implant to your natural teeth and their general size and shape.

Dental implants structure - fixture, screw, abutment, crown - Stafford dental practice

Myth: People will know I have a false tooth

This is categorically not true. In fact, these false teeth look so realistic, that most people won’t even be able to tell they aren’t real. Made to look natural and in-keeping with your smile, and just as reliable as your own teeth, you won’t look back after having dental implant treatment.


Truth: Following the aftercare advice is important

Because you’ve had a minor surgical procedure, you’ll need to be mindful of risks and potential side effects, like an infection. That’s why our Stafford dentists provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, so you can ensure your new dental implant heals correctly.

The post-operative instructions provided by Stella Dental are designed to promote proper healing, minimise discomfort, and reduce the risk of complications. This may include guidelines on oral hygiene, like gentle brushing and flossing techniques, as well as dietary restrictions.


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